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Potassium Chlorate Plant

RT Solutions supply Potassium chlorate plant for industrial use - oxidizing agent, disinfectant, safety matches, cultivation, explosives and fireworks. RT Solutions offer Mini Potassium Chlorate (KClO3 ) for continuous plant process and manufacture potassium chlorate by coupling with a sodium chlorate production plant.

Potassium Chlorate Production Process involves unit Operations like 1) Preparation of brine solution with NaCl 2) Electrolysis process 3) Purification & stripping 4) vacuum crystallization 5) centrifugation 6) Drying

Chlorate Plant Models

MODEL Power Range Capacity -Kg/day
RTClO3 - 05 LT 5
RTClO3 - 50 LT 50
RTClO3 - 100 LT 100
RTClO3 - 100 LT 250
RTClO3 - 1000 HT 1000
RTClO3 - 5000 HT 5000
RTClO3 - 10000 LT 10000
RTClO3 - 15000 LT 15000
RTClO3 - 25000 LT 25000
D.C Power consumption: 5200 watt / ton of Potassium chlorate production. Potassium Chloride requirement: 560kg / ton of Potassium chlorate production.
Feature/ Benefits: 
. Minimum Power consumption. . Requires minimum space with compact electrolyzers designs. . High performance with specially designed cell of parameters such as electrode sizes, thickness, electrolytic gap and anode coating options. . Low maintenance and long service by using highly durable materials and components. . Easy maintenance of anode coatings and electrolyzer components