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Marine Growth Prevention System for Ships

Marine Growth Prevention Systems -- Bio-Fouling Control & Prevention for FPSO, FSO, Naval Vessels, Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships, etc.

Biofouling in sea water lines are a perennial problem caused due to the barnacles, mussels and other forms of marine life in the sea water. For marine vessels, FPSO, Naval vessels, Cruise ship, cargo ships,barges etc seawater is the only source for cooling and fire water.

In such sensitive applications bio fouling or the marine growth in the seawater line is a huge concern as it restricts cooling water flow in piping systems thus affecting the heat-transfer in the heatexchangers and condensers (clogging).

Models Cl2 Production capacity (Kg/day) Quantity of Seawater to be Treated @ 1ppm (m3/h) Quantity of Seawater to be Treated @ 3ppm (m3/h) Max Seawater Flowrate (m3/h)
RT MARINE S150 3.6 300 150 5.6
RT MARINE S250 6.0 500 250 5.6
RT MARINE S400 10.0 800 400 5.6
RT MARINE S500 12.0 1000 500 5.6
RT MARINE S750 18.0 1500 750 5.6
RT MARINE S1K 24.0 2000 1000 5.6
RT MARINE S2K 48.0 4000 2000 5.6
RT MARINE S3K 72.0 6000 3000 5.6
RT MARINE S4K 96.0 8000 4000 5.6
RT MARINE S5K 120.0 10000 5000 5.6
RT MARINE S6K 144.0 12000 6000 5.6

RT Solutions Offer RT Marine Series of Marine growth Prevention System (MGPS) when fitted, generates various oxidants and radicals by sea water electrolysis including sodium hypochlorite onsite which in turn can be used to disinfect sea water thus preventing marine growth.

RT Solutions Offer MGPS incorporating state of art bipolar Cloromarine disc electrolyzer or Hypopac concentric tubular electrolyzer for generating free radicals. The electrolyzer design incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling due to its ingenious design .These self cleaning design ensures near maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning , ensuring the system to perform consistently for years together.

Feature/ Benefits: 
. Complete protection against bio-fouling . Consistent disinfection . Modular construction . Easy to install, operate and service . Self cleaning electrolyser design . Corrosion proof design . ATEX Certification
. FPSO marine growth prevention . FSO marine growth prevention . Navy vessels mgps (prevent fouling) . Cruise ships prevention of biofouling . Passenger ferries foulant control . Barges and other marine vessels